ChampU Online Learning Free for BMW MOA Members

ChampU Online Learning Free for BMW MOA Members

A new partnership between the BMW MOA Foundation and Champions Riding School provides BMW MOA members the opportunity to train online to improve their riding skills for free! A special discount on the popular online training course, Champion Habits: The Core Curriculum, reduces the standard $99.95 cost for the online learning program to only $39.95 for MOA members. And, a guaranteed rebate from the MOA Foundation upon completion of the program allows BMW MOA members to gain online learning and improve riding skills at no cost!

Champion Habits: The Core Curriculum is an online, immersive two-wheeled vehicle dynamics course. On the street or on the track, motorcycles simply work best when given the correct inputs – as engineered by the expert riders who designed them. Learn the
techniques, mindsets, and approaches of the best riders in the world and ride safer, faster.





Topics covered in the 40-hour course include

  • mental approach
  • grip
  • weight transfer
  • speed and direction
  • inputs and controls
  • engineering
  • fork travel
  • rear brake
  • body position
  • street riding considerations
  • vital points
  • ergonomics
  • learning a new track or road
  • obstacle avoidance
  • car practice drills

Led by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris, Champions Riding School has been the premier motorcycle training program in the United States since 2008. Their approach to instruction in this sport is simply asking “What are the best riders in the world doing to survive and thrive on two wheels?” These lessons are passed on to students, developing safer riders, faster. The
curriculum is constantly evaluated and tweaked as the sport progresses, ensuring that classes teach best practices and not outdated methodology.

New riders will find that the techniques and lessons presented in ChampU will establish a solid, logical, understandable base to carry them safely through their riding careers. For veteran riders, the course confirms and fine-tunes skills, while introducing
next steps that become more and more important as speeds rise or conditions worsen.

BMW MOA members can register for the special price of $39.95 on the ChampU website. Upon completion of the online curriculum, the MOA member's information will be automatically forwarded to the BMW MOA Foundation for reimbursement of the $39.95 registration fee. MOA members should allow 6-8 weeks from the completion date to receive their rebate payment. Rebate payment DOES require successful completion of the course and a current MOA membership! MOA members can check the status of their rebate payments by emailing [email protected].