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The Big Hole Tour

A few years ago the family and I took what we ended up calling "The Big Hole Tour." We were on our way to and from the National Rally in Flagstaff in July 1991. There was Grand Canyon, the Meteor Crater, Monument Valley, Carlsbad Caverns... After viewing a picture, click your browser's Back button (if it has one). Picture size varies from 55KB to 124KB.

Grand Canyon

Meteor Crater

Monument Valley

Carlsbad Caverns

A Few Extras

My wife does consider Monument Valley a "hole" since you must ride down a steep, twisty, narrow dirt road with a drop-off in order to go anywhere past the Visitor Center. All photos were taken in July 1991 with my trusty Minolta XD-11 using real film, then the prints were dusted off and scanned in March 2003.

— By The Webmeister.

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