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Club Fiscal Policy

A description of how our club handles money spent at meetings and events, and who qualifies for club subsidies. Original document created in the late 1980s.

  1. Members are always welcome to bring guests to any FLC activity.
  2. If the event has a fee, and is a subsidized activity, the policy is as follows:
    1. Members and their families pay the reduced fee
    2. Guests pay the full price
    3. Definition of FAMILY:
      1. Member's parents
      2. Member's children under age 18
      3. Member's children over the age of 18 (living at home or not) who work at the rally
    4. All others are considered guests
  3. If we have to guarantee a fixed number of people, reservations will be required with member (and guest) fees paid at the time of reservation.
  4. Social or Business meetings held at members' homes:
    1. The club will reimburse for food, beverage, etc. that is used. People have been heard to say that they did not like to host events because they never knew how many people would turn out. The answer to that is -- if all refreshments are not used at your event -- only charge the club for what you use, or pass them on to the next host or club meeting. However, except for special in-home events, it is probably best to ask everyone to bring a munchie and let the club pay for the beverages.
    2. The club has two 30-cup coffee pots, a volleyball set, metal silverware, two tarps (16x16) that can be borrowed for club events. Find out ahead of time who has these items and make arrangements to get them to your event.
    3. A library of video tapes and CDs on maintenance and other motorcycle related topics is available. Contact a club officer to arrange the loan of one or more of these tapes.
  5. We are by IRS definition a 501(C)-7 entity, a NOT FOR PROFIT Social/Fraternal organization. What this means is that our primary purpose, according to our bylaws, is "furthering interests of motorcycling," in contrast to a vendor whose prime purpose is to "make money." What matters in this type of organization is the source of our money, not how much we have in the bank, or how we spend it.
Updated February 1995
- Nancy Fry, original compiler of this document

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