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Travels With An Airhead

The Rally

— by Notch Miyake

Once again, the Rally was a big success despite a bit of rain and some chilly nights. We had 1,249 regular guests, 109 members, and lots more day passes. Congratulations to the chairpersons and all the club members who helped make it happen.

The bands were relatively subdued and it was possible to carry on a normal conversation up to 100 feet of the dining hall. Every year this statistic shrinks in inverse proportion to the average age of the attendees. Ten years ago, you had to go to the far end of the quiet camping area to talk.

Although we got closer, the average age of the attendees did not get above 50, as I had projected last year. According to Norm, we are now 49.7 years old, compared to 49.0 last year. More people must be lying about their age.

Things went smoothly. Despite everybody's predictions, the garbage crew did not crash their Gators. I believe this was because the instructions for the Gators were clearly printed on the dashboard. I quote: "You could die!" They even showed some helpful pictures of what happens when you turn over the Gator, or fall out and hit your head. It's not pretty.

Most of the new radios broke, but it didn't matter since nobody could figure out how to use them. Next year we need to remember to keep the instructions when we throw out the packaging.

Training classes might also help. More people might understand that, when somebody says "Roger," they are not interrupting to call somebody named Roger. This could prevent a lot of hurt feelings and the kind of language that is not allowed on the radio.

Margaret and I were responsible for the Pin Table. There were some tense moments when we ran out of garbage bags to stuff in the Rally mugs, and when we couldn't find enough pens for the table. But meeting such challenges is what being a chairperson is all about. So I immediately complained to Roxanne.

Although we got her pretty close a few times, Roxanne did not flip out and rip off all her clothes. The woman allegedly streaking near the vendor's area was definitely not Roxanne.

I sold all the copies I had of my book, Purple Mountains: America from a Motorcycle. I hope everyone is enjoying it. Sorry, no refunds.

Anyone else that wants a copy can get it from the publisher, Whitehorse Press (800-531-1133 or, or Amazon, Borders, or Barnes and Noble. I'll be glad to sign them the next time I see you at a meeting or club function.

If you insist on buying a copy directly from me, I have a few more. Give me a call with your needs (585-473-4451).

— Copyright © 2001 by Notch Miyake.

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