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BMWMOA Land'O'Loon Rally

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It is always fun to look at statistics (the Tally portion of this committee) during and after the rally. Here are some of the more interesting facts and figures for the 30th Annual BMWMOA International Rally in Trenton, Ontario. Remember, these results are totally dependent upon the information from the registration forms, and in many cases, upon your handwriting.



The total distance traveled to the rally was 4,004,305 kilometers, or 2,471,793 miles.

Just for your edification, the two who came by boat were Peter Sauer from Maple, Ontario, and Abraham Lincoln of Somewhere In, KY... :-)

Cole Mills from Cherry Hills, NJ was whacked by a car just outside of town and the EMTs brought him the rest of the way to the rally in their ambulance.

Maple, Ontario appears to be a suburb of Hamilton... on the lake!


Here is one that I forgot to read during the Saturday Night Award Ceremony, and I know it is one that many of you want to know - the average ages.

Wow. These numbers are growing each year...

Attendance by Country

Austria 1
Bahamas 1
Canada 960
Denmark 1
England 1
Germany 5
Japan 1
Mexico 3
The Netherlands 1
New Zealand 6
United States 3,608


Having a complete database of all the registrants for the first time allows us to easily pull statistics like this.    Select All From Driver Where Travel="BOAT"   There are lots more interesting numbers, but we'll let you go read Award Winners and Volunteer names now...

See also:Award Winners   Volunteers   Land'O'Loon

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