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BMWMOA Land'O'Loon Rally

Picture of Kiltie
The Kiltmeister
The 2002 Land'O'Loon Rally in Trenton is history. The fellow at the left has disappeared from view, no doubt on a well-deserved vacation. All we need to do is tally the results. Fortunately at this rally, that job was quite a bit easier than any year in the past.

Oh, computers have been used before, but this year was a first for actually keying in all the data from all the registration forms. The statistics and club attendance and mileage awards were as easy as clicking the mouse.

We had a real network of robust PCs running custom software designed especially for the Loon Rally. The computers were supplied by CCR Solutions of Toronto, and I was very pleased that they all worked perfectly as soon as the technician plugged them together.

Ok, let's go look at the results:

Choose Award Winners and Statistics and Volunteers

Thanks for visiting! Oh, and my thanks to Kilty for asking me to do what I've been doing at rallies since 1982--punching data--and trusting that it would work.

- Norm Strawser, A&T Chairman

Panoramic view of the Saturday Awards Ceremony
Panoramic view of the Saturday Awards Ceremony
Photo by David Lum

Most of this text and these numbers appeared in the October 2002 issue of the BMW Owners News.

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