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Riders Digest On Line

Help us save trees and stamps! Club Members: Download your electronic copy of The Riders Digest here. (Free PDF reader)

Members, if you are currently receiving the expensive paper copy and would rather read the electronic copy, please use our Contact Form or the Members Only Update Yourself form and send a message stating your desire. The electronic copy will not be emailed directly; a broadcast email will be sent to those club members subscribing when an issue is available. Members must have a working email address registered with the club. Thanks!

Riders Digests Available:

IssueFile Size
March 2013396 KB
January 2013381 KB

Those Digests with a larger file size probably have more color photos.

Yearly Club Calendar:

Yearly club calendars are worked up each Spring at a Calendar Planning meeting. Here is the latest on file:

2016 Club Calendar ( 261 KB )

Please note that some dates in this yearly calendar may be changed as the year moves on. Check Digest or Local Events for latest information.

Download FoxIt Reader
FoxIt Web Site
Free FoxitReader. For Microsoft Windows users, we highly recommend this alternative PDF reader which is free, and very slim. It is called FoxitReader and is only a 5.11MB download in an executable install file, an .exe file. Save it to your "downloads" directory and run the file. It is not an intrusive program like Adobe Acrobat. See: ↗ . Yes, it is free, and a very good PDF reader.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
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If you insist on using the Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading PDF files, which may require up to 90 MB of space on your hard drive, get the latest version from Adobe: ->

A lot of us hang the Digest on the refrigerator for reference, so be sure to print a copy from the reader.

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