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Post a Flee Market Ad

The Flee Market is controlled by you, the viewer. If you have a BMW motorcycle or related item you wish to sell (or buy), you may post it here yourself. It's a very simple form for you to fill out.

Why do we call it a Flee Market? A Flea
Well, on a whim we started calling it that in our newsletter, The Riders Digest, some years ago, probably because we like to flee our homes and go riding. Besides, who would really want to buy a flea? Postings will remain on display for approximately three months, or until the seller or buyer (the poster) deletes it or notifies us to remove it.

Please observe these rules:

Please do not attempt to post ads for office furniture, perfumes, jewelry, vacation homes, or other non-BMW items as some have done in the past; they will be removed. That's not why we are here; try Oh, BMW (Bimmer) auto items will be welcomed. If you are in doubt, please write. Thanks!

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