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Finger Lakes Rally Day Passes

Once in a while, a potential rally guest will write and ask if the Finger Lakes Rally offers daypasses in lieu of full rally fees.

Yes, there is a daypass admission available. It is $10.00 per person per day, and you must park your motorcycle outside the gate (designated area near the registration tent) and walk into the grounds. If you are planning to be around multiple days, the fee applies each day. There is always a club member in the area where you park, except perhaps late at night, but we expect all daypassers have left by then.

Upon registering, each person will receive a wrist band, allowing walking access through the gate. The color of the wristband changes each day.

Note that the daypass does not include any rally goodies such as meals, camping, rally pins, mugs, door prize tickets, etc. If you have your own mug, you may drink our coffee. You would of course be responsible for your own offsite camping or motel reservations, if you do plan to stay overnight in the area.

We don't really publicize the fact that we have daypasses as we would rather have you join in and spend the entire weekend with us. It's more fun.

Hope that helps. If you have any further questions, please use the Contact Form.

See the main Rally page, if you haven't already read that.

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