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Travels With An Airhead

Essays by Notch Miyake

Warning I: If you are easily offended by sex, violence and dirty language, click on the "Back" button of your browser immediately. If you are merely offended, it's OK, keep reading.

Warning II: If you have violent tendencies and can't take a joke, please read no further (I don't want people coming to my home in California to bust my balls because they didn't like what I wrote about their bikes, personal habits or recreational activities).

Warning III: If you are still reading, you should consider joining the Finger Lakes BMW Motorcycle Club. Have fun.

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September 2014The 40th Annual Rally
October 2010Coast-to-Coast Walk
September 20102010 Finger Lakes BMW Rally Recap
December 2008Holiday Greetings
November 2008The Economic Crisis
October 2008The Election
January 2005Honolulu Marathon, Pt. II
November 2004Honolulu Marathon
September 2004Rally Chairman's Report
August 20042004 Honolulu Marathon
July 2004Summer
May 2004Travel Like a Poor Man
April 2004The Appalachian Trail, Part 2
February 2004The Appalachian Trail, Part 1
May 2003The Motorcyclist's Diet, Part 2
April 2003The Motorcyclist's Diet
March 2003What Happened to the Knobs?
February 2003The Appalachian Trail
January 2003Happy New Year
November 2002More Canadian Travel Tips
October 2002The Rideau Canal
September 2002Finger Lakes Rally
August 2002Motorcycling in Japan
June 2002Japan High Tech
May 2002Greetings from Tsukiji Fish Market
March 2002New Bike Fever
February 2002The Annual Banquet
January 2002Hawaii
December 2001Turkey II
November 2001Turkey
October 2001The Rally Debriefing
September 2001The Rally
July 2001Ageless Motorcycling
June 2001Elyse Bolger
May 2001Motorcycle Science
April 2001Tax Time Again
March 2001The Presidency
February 2001Motorcycle Shows
January 2001Election Highlights
December 2000The City
November 2000The Neighborhood Goat
October 2000California
September 20002000 Finger Lakes Rally
August 2000Summer Vacation
July 2000Motorcycle safety
June 2000Hawaii
May 2000First Times
April 2000Taxing Times
March 2000Getting Euchered!
February 2000Leap Years and Winter Pursuits
January 2000Millennium Madness
December 1999The Virtues of Vibration
November 1999Finger Lakes Rally Mellowness

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