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The Finger Lakes BMW Club

Sorry, the 2019 Finger Lakes Rally PRE-registration period has expired. You may of course still come to the rally and register at the gate.

Note that if you send us an email after the Thursday morning before the Rally, it will be unanswered until Monday afternoon, as we are all in Watkins Glen with no Internet access during rally time.

This club is all about BMW Motorcycles! We hope you enjoy your visit. BMW Roundel

Hi there! If you found us because you drive a Bimmer, well then feel free 1975 BMW R90S Motorcycle to join us Beemer people. After all, if it wasn't for us, you would have a Mercedes-Benz or a Volkswagen parked in your driveway. Ja?

If you are visiting to find information about joining our club, please see the topics under the menu category The Club Haus. Meetings and Club Events are shown there as well.

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