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Finger Lakes Awards and Other Notables

For quite a few years now the Finger Lakes BMW Club has presented an award (known as the Annual Medallion) to a deserving member of the Club. The criteria is that the award should be bestowed upon the member who has "done the most" for the Club and for motorcycling in general in the past year. The winner is chosen by secret ballots cast by club members present at a meeting, or more recently at the annual banquet, and the award is then presented at the banquet.

Annual Medallion Award

Here then is the list of all the past winners:

1979Jim Hemmerich
1980Rolf Boessmann
1981Dick Fry
1982Nancy Fry
1983Shari Hahn
1984Dick Fry
1985Ron Stone
1986Ron Stone
1987Mike Brudek
1988Bob Dickinson
1989Tex Haller
1990Judy Boessmann
1991Gretchen Murray
1992Bill Mammosser
1993John Sullivan
1994John Sullivan
1995Jeff Kaplan
1996Norm Strawser
1997Dorie McNeil
1998Rod Curtis
1999Chuck Winterberger
2000Ken Hearn
2001Chuck Winterberger
2002Mike Brudeck & David Jones (tie)
2003Dave Lum
2004( no award )
2005Norm Strawser
2006Mike Lavelle
2007Chuck Gilmore
2008Jerry Knaus
2009Lyn and Art Elting
2010Katie Brudek
2011Gretchen Murray
2012Mick McCauley
2013Tom Lange
2014Keith McIntyre
2015Gretchen Crane
2016Mick McCauley

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