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Finger Lakes Flee Market Current Postings

Shown by category and in the order they were received, here are the postings since 29 Feb 2020. If a picture was supplied, there will be a camera icon for you to click on. Remember, if you own the ad, you may open and edit, or delete, it. Select the "Open File" icon in the Edit column.

For Sale - Motorcycles
I have a 2010 F800ST in pristine condition with 6,000 miles. It was my father-in-laws, and unfortunately he passed away. It's a well-sorted bike. I'd much prefer it to go to someone who appreciates these bikes versus someone just looking to turn it around for a profit. Can share pictures and other info. The bike is in Rochester. Ph: 717-422-8455 (Mar 10) $4000/BO Aasim Ayub

After you sell or find your item please delete it from this page (or let us know). Otherwise, we will display it for about 90 days.

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